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Dancing with the Stars (TV-PG) Celebrities are paired with professional dancers in order to train for a live televised ballroom dancing competition, and one couple is eliminated every week.
The Good Doctor
That '70s Show Reefer Madness (TV-14) When Hyde is busted and takes all the blame for the group, Eric admits to Red that he does drugs, which causes Red to put a smoke detector in the basement.
That '70s Show Red Sees Red (TV-14) After his confession to smoking pot Eric finds himself and the group under a barrage of new rules that Red has instated, including curfews and house lockdown.
Roseanne Shower the People You Love with Stuff (TV-PG) Roseanne hopes her baby shower gifts can be exchanged to pay for her baby crib; Becky and Darlene fight over painting the nursery.
Roseanne Let Them Eat Junk (TV-PG) Jackie gets angry when she learns that Roseanne fed her baby junk food; D.J. spends the day with Dan to learn more about him.
Roseanne Roseanne in the Hood (TV-PG) Roseanne grows worried about the Lunch Box when a new restaurant opens nearby and immediately devises a series of schemes to thwart the eatery's progress.
Roseanne The Last Date (TV-PG) Roseanne grabs Dan for a night out on the town before the baby is born and she has trouble resisting the temptation to crash a bar mitzvah.
Living Single Baby I'm Back ... Again (TV-G) Scooter finally returns home and doesn't get a warm welcome back from Khadijah, but when he proposes to her on the roof, she immediately accepts.
Living Single Mr. Big Shot (TV-G) Overton has the chance to win ten thousand dollars at a Knicks game, but he has to figure out a way to keep Synclaire at home because he feels she is bad luck.
Family Time Let Cheatin' Dogs Lie (HD, New, TV-14) Tony and Lisa are shocked to discover that Devin has a new girlfriend, but the family is even more surprised to learn that Tony has history with her mother.
Grown Folks Junk in the Trunk (New, TV-14) When Jillian purchases an old trunk at a yard sale, she soon finds an item at the bottom of it, and Gary is convinced that she has found a treasure map.
The Losers (PG-13, **+) When five Special Forces operatives enter the jungles of Bolivia on a mission and find they've been betrayed, they set out to locate the man who burned them.
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